Let's delve into the journey of the Prepshipping package.

To understand the Prepshipping package journey, as the first step, you need to add your products to our system before sending them to our warehouse. Through this panel, you will be able to receive information about the incoming products within our system. Additionally, thanks to our panel, you will be able to track all the processes and submit any necessary requests.

Adding your incoming products to the system.

Dashboard > Get Started > Add Product
  • SKU: The stock code of the shipped product
  • Quantity: The number of pieces of the shipped product will arrive in the warehouse
  • Unit Price: The unit cost price of the shipped product
  • Product Name: The full name of the product on the sales platform
  • BARCODE/FNSKU: This can be left blank if unknown
  • Image URL: Product image link

Once you’ve inputted all product information, kindly click the ‘Save and Continue’ button to secure your personal address.

“All sections designated for the address must be completed thoroughly and accurately”

How It Works

Discover a revolutionary solution for your inventory management with Prepshipping. Our 1st party fulfillment centers strategically placed across the USA offer the flexibility to split your inventory. This not only enhances cost efficiency but also accelerates delivery speeds, elevating overall customer satisfaction.

Opting for inventory split, Prepshipping's advanced system intelligently chooses the warehouse that ensures the fastest delivery at the most competitive price.

In addition to alleviating shipping concerns, Prepshipping's Virtual Carrier Network guarantees the consistent on-time delivery of orders at the most favorable rates. Experience seamless and optimized fulfillment with the reliable services offered by Prepshipping.


Manufacture your products and have them delivered to our fulfillment centers for efficient processing and shipping.


Synchronize your retail outlets for seamless omnichannel fulfillment.


Upon receipt of inventory, product accuracy is ensured through thorough quality control checks.


Exceed expectations with personalized packaging choices that bring joy to your customers.


Ensure customers stay informed every step of the way with branded tracking options.


Take advantage of Prepshipping’s Virtual Carrier Network to access unbeatable shipping rates.


Your Customer’s Order is Delivered!

Stress-Free Fulfillment Is Only One Click Away!


If the dimensions of your package or product are certain, it is the area where a shipment of these dimensions will receive a shipment offer according to the countries.


This is the area that shows the service fees that Prepshipping charges you during the preparation and shipping of your products.


It is the field used to calculate the dimensions of your product and how many boxes Prepshipping will fit them in.




And More !

Swift Resolutions Made Effortless: Introducing Our Newly Developed Panel for Easy Access!

Explore the efficiency of our innovative and user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to seamlessly track every step of your processes. From requesting shipping quotes to monitoring package status and submitting various requirements, our panel caters to all your needs.