We consistently stand by and collaborate with merchants involved in both e-commerce and traditional trade as their steadfast supporters and partners.

Prepshipping's powerful third-party logistics (3PL) platform stands as the ultimate solution for direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce businesses of all sizes, addressing and overcoming their fulfillment challenges with precision.

Seamlessly connect your store to our diverse array of 75+ integrations. Our cutting-edge fulfillment centers are equipped with advanced software for smooth order management, precise inventory control, efficient shipping operations, and streamlined warehouse management. Enhanced by our Virtual Carrier Network, transparent billing practices, and exceptional customer support, Prepshipping guarantees a business experience marked by reduced stress and accelerated growth.

About Us

Commencing operations in December 2019, Prepshipping stands as a Fulfillment and 3PL Logistics company with a robust presence across Europe and warehouses strategically located in Turkey. Effectively bridging the logistics gap between Europe and the USA, Prepshipping was founded by an e-commerce-savvy entrepreneur who recognized the pressing need for dependable logistics solutions in the challenging landscape of the USA market. This realization led to securing investments and establishing a firm foothold in the United States.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Prepshipping boasts a dedicated team of over 50 professionals delivering high-quality and expedited services to clients involved in both e-commerce and traditional commerce.

Our core mission is to provide seamless logistics solutions, enabling our clients to concentrate on their primary business objectives. Backed by cutting-edge facilities, advanced technology integration, and a customer-centric ethos, we are committed to surpassing customer expectations.

At Prepshipping, we acknowledge the pivotal role of effective and trustworthy logistics in business growth. Hence, our commitment lies in delivering innovative solutions, optimizing supply chain operations, and nurturing enduring partnerships with our clients.

Select Prepshipping as your reliable logistics ally and discover the distinct advantage of partnering with a company devoted to ensuring your success.

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Why Prepshipping ?

Easy Management

A technological infrastructure panel that allows you to add your products within minutes and send your requests to the warehouse through a single panel and take quick action.

Product Safety

We store the products of our valued customers in an environment of trust and protect your personal data comprehensively.

Advanced Working Network

We offer the possibility of shipment to almost every part of the world, especially to the USA and Turkey, and besides, we are with you with our technological infrastructure panels and projects.