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Capitalizing on the Amazon marketplace can significantly enhance your sales and broaden your customer reach. Employing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can prove transformative, allowing you to tap into Amazon Prime memberships, free shipping perks, and other advantages.

However, navigating the strict requirements for delivering your products to Amazon's fulfillment centers poses its challenges. Shipments that don't comply may result in penalty fees, and, in more severe cases, your inbound inventory could be rejected outright. It's imperative to ensure your products meet all necessary criteria, minimizing setbacks and maximizing the benefits of utilizing Amazon FBA.

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Amazon / FBA Prep Services

With a wealth of expertise in Amazon's requirements, Prepshipping has adeptly prepared millions of units for FBA. We specialize in ensuring your products meet Amazon's exacting standards. Whether it's managing the opening and repackaging of your goods or applying labels such as barcodes or 'Do Not Separate' stickers, we have the solutions you need. Our dedicated team of FBA specialists is well-equipped to handle orders of any size, ensuring a swift and seamless process. Trust Prepshipping for precision and expertise in handling your FBA preparation needs.
Quality Control

Guaranteeing that your products adhere to the highest quality standards prior to their shipment to customers.

Packaging or Repackaging

Expertly packaging your products to ensure safe and secure delivery, or re-packaging them as necessary.


Applying the necessary FNSKU, UPC, or EAN labels to your products for proper identification and tracking.

Warning Labels

Incorporating necessary warning labels on products to comply with regulations or for safety considerations.


Encasing products in polybags to safeguard against dust, moisture, and potential damage during the shipping process.

Kitting and Bundling

Aggregating associated products or crafting bundles to present customers with convenient packaging options.

Bubble Wrapping

Incorporating bubble wrap to add an additional layer of cushioning and protection for delicate items throughout the transit process.

Adult Product Prep

Tailored preparation and discreet packaging for adult-oriented products, ensuring compliance and confidentiality.

Photo Documentation

Capturing and recording visual evidence of product condition and packaging for reference and quality assurance purposes.

Sticker Removal

Eliminating undesired stickers or labels from products to improve their appearance and adhere to branding guidelines.

Amazon / FBA Prep Services Features

  • Quality Control
  • Packaging or Repackaging
  • FNSKU/UPC/EAN Labelling
  • Warning Labels
  • Polybagging
  • Kitting and Bundling
  • Bubble Wrapping
  • Adult Product Prep
  • Photo Documentation
  • Sticker removal

We drive your expansion by supporting the initiation or expansion of your FBA program. Whether you're dispatching 100 units or 100,000 units to Amazon, we offer the scalability and assistance required for your FBA preparation. Just provide us with your inventory, and we'll utilize our packaging expertise to ensure your products are primed to make a mark in the market.
Simplify the management of all your FBA Prep requests with our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.
Effortlessly manage all your FBA prep requests with our user-friendly dashboard, designed to make the process smoother than ever. Our advanced system offers a centralized platform where you can seamlessly oversee and optimize every step of your FBA preparation, from quality control checks to labeling and packaging.

Submitting and tracking prep requests is a breeze with our intuitive interface. Communicate specific requirements effortlessly, ensuring our team understands your unique needs. The dashboard provides real-time updates on request status, keeping you informed at every stage.

By harnessing the power of our comprehensive dashboard, you not only save valuable time but also eliminate the hassle of manual coordination. Instead of juggling spreadsheets and emails, everything is conveniently organized in one place. Let us handle the logistics of your FBA preparation efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of managing your FBA prep requests through our feature-rich dashboard. Leverage its robust capabilities and empower your business to thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce.