Trusted Order Fulfillment and FBA Prep Services to Boost Your E-commerce Success

We provide extensive logistics solutions tailored for e-commerce marketplaces. Our services encompass efficient Fulfillment solutions, flexible short and long-term storage options, and meticulous Amazon FBA prep services. Leveraging our expertise, we stand ready to assist businesses throughout every phase of the order process.

+11 Million
+9 K
Individual Customers
Corporate Customers
+97 Million
Annual Trade Volume

* Datas are approximate; it changes every day.

We serve as steadfast advocates and long-term partners for merchants involved in both e-commerce and traditional trade.

Effortlessly handle your shipments with the intuitive and user-friendly Prepshipping dashboard.
The journey of your products with Prepshipping begins from the moment of goods reception, encompassing storage, packaging, labeling, and dispatch tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Submit your requests through the panel.
  • Provide controls within the system.
  • Let's make your shipment within 24 hours in line with your requests.

Our journey, initiated by dreams, persists and thrives thanks to the unwavering support of our esteemed customers.

The Prepshipping process for your products begins with the acceptance of goods, followed by meticulous storage, expert boxing, precise labeling, and shipping tailored to meet your specific demands.

Let's familiarize ourselves with the step-by-step process of Prepshipping.

There is nothing faster! The turnaround time for all our operations is 1 business day.

PO Creation

Creating purchase orders and informing the system about upcoming products.


Receiving and Quality Control

Accepting the products into the system after individual quality control and inspection.



Moving the products to pallets or box-based storage areas.


Custom Requests

Fulfilling your special requests, including labeling the products.



Arranging the delivery of your boxes or pallets to the logistics companies