Prepshipping provides comprehensive and customizable
selections in terms of warehousing services depending on your needs.

Short- &
Long-Term Warehousing

Our warehouse offers you a comprehensive and customizable selection in terms of organization. We fulfill your container, pallet, box, and product-based storage demands for the short- and long-term. We also provide product count and quality control anytime during storage time upon your request.

Warehousing Services

Our warehouse is protected by high security. All of your products are insured from the time of acceptance. Our warehousing service is categorized into three as follows:

- Pallet-based Storage

- Box-based Storage

- Oversized or Irregularly Shaped Item Storage

1,000+ customers are
loving Prepshipping.

I have been working with them for six months. I am delighted with their service quality.

- @Huseyin Yesil

There is a huge difference between other warehouses and Prepshipping in terms of quality. Thank you, Prepshipping.

- @Abrek Birant

Prepshipping LLC has made every element of the warehousing process easy and achievable.


Thanks so much for all of the hard work and flexibility from you and your staff. It makes my job that much easier!

- @Narine Mama

My business has been growing exponentially since I moved my business to Prepshipping.

- @Carry Askew

Frequently Asked Question

Can I store my products both short- and long- term in your warehouse?

Yes. We offer both for our customers.

Should all of my products be palletized to be stored in your warehouse?

No, we have the capability to accept your products for storage in different sizes and shapes.

Can you palletize my products in your warehouse before storage if I shipped them as individual boxes?

Yes, we can palletize your product before storing them upon your request*

*Subject to an additional charge

Can I send my products on pallets to you anytime?

Yes, you can do that as long as you inform us before shipment.

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