Pick, Pack & Ship! Prepshipping is more
than fulfillment

PrepShipping is a tech-enabled 3PL that fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer company.

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Easy 5 Steps for Dropshipping and Buying from US Marketplaces Services


Create an account on Prepshipping.com. Select a membership type.

Get a Unique Address

Enter your package information and get a personalized shipping address.

To the Warehouse

Send your products to the warehouse and wait for acceptance confirmation.

Choose Shipping

Set your shipping preferences before your package is delivered to the warehouse.


Your package will be shipped in under 24 hours. Monitor your package as it is being prepared.

Control everything in a single place.

1,000+ Customers love us

Prepshipping is always looking for any, and all feedback from our customers.

Justin Entwistle

Fast preparation of my packages before FBA shipment was crucial for me. Thanks to you, our sales rate increased significantly.

Huseyin Yesil

There is a huge difference between other warehouses and Prepshipping in terms of quality. Thank you, Prepshipping.

Carry Askew

My business has been growing exponentially since I moved my business to Prepshipping.

Joe Hebert

It is almost a Christmas miracle that I spend half of what I did last year on presents. It is a very convenient way of shopping from the US.

Linger Estates LLC.

I am glad you are giving proper attention to any customer regardless of their shipment volume. I wish to work with you more in the future. 


It is with utmost confidence that we recommend Prepshipping to any company, large or small, that needs order fulfillment services.


Prepshipping is currently operating with three warehouses located in the US, Canada, and Turkey.