FBA Services

Prepshipping provides services to help customers with their FBA shipments.


Using Prepshipping web-based software, you can easily see and interact with your Amazon and Prepshipping inventory; quickly create shipment plans and monitor them.

Quality Control

Items and products will go through a quality check upon receiving. If there is any unfavorable condition of products or their package, we will inform you.


Upon your request, we will change your product packaging.


We will label your packages with appropriate barcodes for Amazon FBA standard .

Fragile Items and Products 

We will give the attention and care required for your fragile products and add proper labeling and packaging.

Package Combination 

We can combine your packages upon your request so that you can create item sets, seasonal packs, and more.

Additional Packaging

We will put your product into an additional box before shipment upon request.

Expiration Date Labeling

We can add expiration date labels to your products.

Photo Services

We will provide pictures of your products for quality control and restricted category approval upon request.

Adult Only packages

We can label your boxes as “adult-only” and put them into special untransparent packages upon request.

You can use our interactive calculator to calculate the FBA shipment preparation service cost for your shipment.

FBA Calculator

Our Other Services

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Fast preparation of my packages before FBA shipment was crucial for me. Thanks to you, our sales rate increased significantly.

- @Justin Entwistle

They are adding new functionalities to their FBA system every day. I am so happy to see that.

- @ADG Inc.

I strongly recommend Prepshipping to anyone new to FBA shipments. They helped so much.

- @April Lumpkins

It is sporadic to find a company that gives you that much quality in their FBA service and is cost-efficient. I am glad they have my business.

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My business has been growing exponentially since I moved my business to Prepshipping

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Prepshipping registration free?

You do not need to pay for standard membership to benefit from prepshipping.com.

Do you charge for additional requests?

Yes, we do charge an additional fee for special requests.

Is there any additional fee except FNSKU labeling?

Yes, the final price for FBA packaging calculated using volume, weight, and the number of products shipped. You can use our calculator to get an estimate.

Can I monitor my inventory?

Yes, you can monitor your inventory in our system anytime.

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