Dropshipping & Buying from US Marketplaces

Prepshipping provides fast and modern solutions for your dropshipping business.


Prepshipping provides both express/expedited (UPS, FedEx, DHL) and economy (UPS Economy) shipment options. You can shop rates between UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS and choose between DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) and DDP( Delivered Duty Unpaid) shipment options


Prepshipping provides service for your returns as well. We know that returned products can be a real problem for your dropshipping business. We will accept your returns, check their status, and report back to you with no additional cost.

Shipping Insurance

Some carriers require insurance, some don’t; it’s usually a good idea. We offer shipping insurance to insure your package’s value in case of damage or theft in-transit up to the value stated on your customs declaration.


Consolidation is a process where we take packages and combine them into one box. Combining packages economizes space and weight.

Special Requests

Sometimes, you need more than generic shipping for your items; that’s why we offer Special Request. A Special Request can cover anything from additional packing for security to add a birthday card into the package.

Express Processing

With Express Processing, your package will jump to the front of the processing queues. This means your package gets VIP treatment—faster photos, consolidation, special requests, and out the door quickly.

Extra Packing Material

When shipping a fragile item, or if you want some extra security, you can request Extra Packing Material. We offer extra bubble wrap, tape, fragile stickers, or security tape. Let us take the worry out of the shipping of rare or valuable items.

Package Storage

Package Storage is FREE for the first seven days for all customers. Expired packages will then start to accrue monthly storage fees. Customers with Premium and Master Membership receive 14 and 30 days of free storage, respectively.

Processing fee

Prepshipping charges a set fee for each package as a receiving and processing fee. Cost is dependent on the account type.

Easy 5 Steps for Dropshipping and Buying from US Marketplaces Services


Create an account on Prepshipping.com. Select a membership type.

Get a Unique Address

Enter your package information and get a personalized shipping address.

To the Warehouse

Send your products to the warehouse and wait for acceptance confirmation.

Choose Shipping

Set your shipping preferences before your package is delivered to the warehouse.


Your package will be shipped in under 24 hours. Monitor your package as it is being prepared.

1,000+ customers are
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Prepshipping makes everything easier for the dropshipping process. I love their return management.

- @Melissa Saksak

I ordered my new watch from the US using Prepshipping software. It cost me $200 less than the actual UAE price, including duties and taxes. Thank you, Prepshipping. I can shop anywhere now.

- @Fatma Dhabooy

It is almost a Christmas miracle that I spend half of what I did last year on presents. It is a very convenient way of shopping from the US.

- @Joe Hebert

They are lightning-fast. Sometimes, I see my package was shipped in less than an hour. I am pleased with their business.

- @Yusuf Kibar

The affordable prices and fast shipment process led me to compete with other sellers. Thank you, Prepshipping.

- @Brett Johnson

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a free membership?

Yes, there is no cost for Standard Membership.

Can I change my shipping preference from economy to express or vice versa after my package is delivered to the warehouse?

Yes, you can change your shipment preference before your shipment is packed.

How long does it take to process my shipment after its delivery to the warehouse.?

We process your shipment in 24 hours unless it is peak season

Do you accept my return, and can you prepare them for resale?

Yes, we accept your return and process them with no additional cost.

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