Following the rules below is of great importance for the health of your Prepshipping subscription.  You are kindly requested to read all articles.

Prep Shipping is an integration service that you can send the products that are not sent with the companies providing warehouse / fulfillment services with which Prep Shipping is contracted.

You should directly contact the warehouse / fulfillment service provider for any problems you may encounter with your Prep Shipping shipments.  Prep Shipping offers only integration service and accepts no liability for the status of your shipments.

You cannot deactivate Prep Shipping for 1 month after activating it.

During activation, you can choose any of the companies that are registered with Prep Shipping and provide Prep Shipping contracted warehouse services and send your orders to the warehouse of your choice.

It is strongly recommended that you switch to prime membership on Amazon.com for fast and free shipments of the products you send to Prep Shipping contracted warehouse.

The sizes and weights of your products are determined automatically by Prepshipping from Amazon.com.  The shipping fee is calculated automatically according to the country you will send and included in your selling price.  If the dimensions and weights of the products are entered incorrectly on Amazon.com, the shipping fee may be calculated incomplete.  In the event that the shipping costs exceed the calculated amount, the remaining amount will be billed to you.

When your products arrive at the warehouse, your packages are checked, often repackaged, the recipient's address information is recorded in the logistics firm's system, and a new tracking number is created for the shipment.  Your order is automatically confirmed by sending the created tracking number to Amazon.  Then the fee of shipment is charged from your Prep Shipping credit account .  If you don't have enough credit, the product will not be released from the warehouse.  If you have unpaid shipments waiting more than 7 days in the warehouse, you will be charged $ 3 daily occupation for each day after the 7th day.

We strongly recommend that you do not keep the items listed below in your inventory.  It is not possible to ship such products with Prep Shipping contracted warehouses.   Shipments mostly return from customs.  Prepshipping does not accept responsibility for the shipping and tracking of such products.  What are these products?
Alcoholic beverages
Drugs and materials used in its manufacture
Hazardous materials
o Weapons
o Tobacco and tobacco varieties
o Money
o Explosives and weapons
Political advertising products
Pornographic product
o Radioactive products
o Live plants
o Precious stones
Animals that
o Chemical products
Expensive items
Perishable food products
Flammable substances
o Liquid products

PrepShipping cannot be held responsible if your shipments set out to be sent to your customer are lost or cannot be delivered.

PrepShipping cannot be held responsible if your shipments set out to be sent to your customer are lost or cannot be delivered.

In some cases, although the products you order from Amazon.com may appear to be delivered by the shipping company, your products may not arrive at Prepshipping contracted warehouses.  In this case, you are asked to resend the product to the Prep Shipping contracted warehouse.  Whether the product arrives at the warehouse, we automatically make it through Amazon.com's order tracking system.

While Amazon delivers the products to Prepshipping contracted warehouses, products may be broken, damaged, that is, not suitable for shipment.  In this case, you may be asked to send the product back to the warehouse.

When you need to send the product you have sent to Prep Shipping contracted warehouses back to Amazon without sending it to the customer (cancellation, return, etc.), you must change the order status in Prepshipping to Canceled, Refunded or ReturnRequested so that the product does not leave the warehouse.  Otherwise, your products may log out to be sent to the customer.

When you need to send the product back to Amazon, you need to create a return label (UPS pickup) on Amazon and mail the relevant email address of the warehouse company you have chosen along with the order number.  $ 3 service fee will be charged as the return shipping fee.

When you want to contact any subject related to your shipments, when you enable Prepshipping, you should contact the warehouse company of your choice.  All responsibility for your shipments belongs to the warehouse you have chosen.

If your shipments are high in numbers and / or sizes, Prepshipping can ship these products in 2 or more shipments.

Prepshipping send your products to your customer as "Gift".  This is done to help products pass through customs smoothly.  However, it is not guaranteed whether or not to be stuck on customs.  This situation is frequently encountered especially in shipments to Canada.

If the shipping method of the warehouse / fulfillment service provider you choose is DAP, your products will be shipped with customs fee buyer payment.  When your products are attached to customs, an email with the subject of “Import Duty / Tax Payment Alert” will be sent to your email address by logistics companies.  Sometimes the logistics company may charge a + $ 15 logistics company transaction fee in addition to the customs fee.  This is generally the case in Canadian shipments.  When your customer does not want to pay the customs tax, the product can return to the SellerRunning House negotiated warehouse.  In order to avoid such situations, you can pay the customs tax online without paying your customer.

If the shipping method of the warehouse / fulfillment service provider you choose is DDP, you will not pay any customs fees later.  Prices include customs fees.

While your products are delivered to your customer by the logistics company, they can be delivered together with the commercial invoice and the actual values ​​of the product can be included in these documents.  It is mandatory to declare this information to logistics companies in international shipments.

When your customer requests a return, you should perform the normal return procedure.  Your customer should send the product directly to Amazon.  Since the product is sent to Amazon from outside the United States, the shipping fee to be issued must be covered by you or your customer.

You must create your prepshipping orders using the SellerRunning Chrome plug-in.

You cannot place your prepshipping orders manually.  When you try to place an order manually, even though the delivery address you enter is our warehouse address, we enter a special number in the delivery address forms that we can distinguish your products in the warehouse for orders created through the plug-in.  Without this number, your products may be mixed or lost with other orders in the warehouse.  If you need to place your order from a platform other than Amazon, you must enter the delivery address on the Prepshipping order detail page of the relevant order.  (The delivery address of each order is different.)

You cannot send your prepshipping orders using other warehouse services.  Once this is detected, your use of PrepShipping will be terminated indefinitely.

Since order confirmation is done automatically, you must enable the "Automatic Order Confirmation" and "Automatic Order Pre-Confirmation" options in your store settings.  Otherwise, your orders may be in the status of Late Shipment and your seller account may be suspended for this reason.

Prepshipping services check if the seller on Amazon.com is an FBA seller.  Offers other than FBA are not accepted as compatible with Prepshipping.  When the product has more than one seller, at the time of the check, it is checked whether the BuyBox seller is the FBA seller or not.

When a rule violation is detected for users who do not comply with the specified rules, Prepshipping membership is terminated indefinitely.